Ecommerce Store Monitoring Made Easy

A simple way to track your ecommerce website’s most important metrics – all in one place.

Whether you’re on Shopify, Magento or Demandware; we’ve got you covered. Order Monitor gives you the ability to not only track your store’s metrics, but also create alerts when something seems off. By creating alerts for metrics like orders, AOV, revenue, discounts, taxes, shopping carts and more; you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your finger is on the pulse of your ecommerce business.


Greater Visibility
Greater Insight

Stats and trends show how your store is growing over time

See how orders, discounts, shipping, revenue and average order value are changing over time. Compare aggregated daily totals to identify the good, the bad and the ugly. Understand which methods customers are using to check out — as guests, new customers or returning customers.

Made for Marketers

Align campaign & store performance

Order Monitor supports the marketing activities of your ecommerce store through its reliable revenue reporting, group notes and discounts monitoring.

Marketer Benefits include:

  • Source of truth for revenues/orders
  • Better collaboration with Development & Ecommerce staff
  • Access from anywhere – built in the cloud

Made for Developers

Gain visibility across stores for anything out of the ordinary.

Order Monitor gives Developers the power to respond to potential issues in a proactive manner, avoiding catastrophic outcomes caused by coding mistakes.


Made for Operations

Stay ahead of those potential poorly performing people-powered processes.

Sometimes humans make mistakes. That’s where Order Monitor can help you. From mis-entered promotions to out-of-stock SKUs to lack of communication on that newly launched advertising campaign; our rules & alerts can keep the small things small before they get out of hand.


Supported Platforms

Order Monitor works seamlessly with the best ecommerce platforms out there


Stay Ahead of Store Misfortunes

When issues arise, we let you know. Avoid losses in revenue.

Every hour we run checks on order volume, discounts, new shopping carts and average order value based on thresholds you set. If there is an issue, Order Monitor will send you an alert. Traditional website monitoring tools tell you if your site is up or down, but what if there is a bug in your shopping cart preventing people from checking out? What if a coupon code gets leaked? What if an employee makes a mistake? With Order Monitor, you will know when things are out of the ordinary.