Fat Fingers – An Ecommerce Managers Worst Enemy

There are many tools out there to monitor your ecommerce store, but all of those focus on either infrastructure (servers and hardware) or the application (pings, status codes, etc). None of these tools will alert you of an issue at the business level, which ultimately impacts your bottom line just as much and sometimes even more if left unnoticed.

Software is only as good as the people who made it and the people who use it. The reality is we are all human and even the best of us make mistakes. We all have fat fingers on occasion.

Fat fingers can be costly; in the form of lost revenue, inefficiencies and wasted time. So how do you avoid fat fingers?

  1. Test, test, test – practice and stage changes on a non-production environment to make sure everything is correct.
  2. A second set of eyes – ask a co-worker to review your changes and run a test
  3. Take your time – don’t rush, plan things out and double and triple check
  4. Ask for help – if you aren’t sure how something works – ask – making a bad guess can be costly
  5. Monitor – even after you do all of the above, there are always corner cases you didn’t account for. Keep an eye on things to make sure the results are as you expected

Order Monitor helps you monitor for fat fingers, running checks every hour (or more) on shipping percentages, taxes, average order value, coupons and discounts. When something is outside of your normal range, you will get an alert – enabling you to find the issue and fix it quickly.

With the holiday season approaching, make sure you have a plan to handle fat fingers.


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