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All plans include the ecommerce dashboard, daily summary email, alerts builder, analytics, activity notes and more.


  • 1 Store Profile
  • 3 Alert Rules, 1 Alert Policy, Unlimited Alerts
  • 1 User Account
  • 30 Days Analytics Access
  • Updated Hourly

  • 1 Store Profile
  • Alert Rules, 3 Alert Policies, Unlimited Alerts
  • User Accounts
  • 1 Year Analytics Access
  • Updated Hourly
  • Monthly Revenue Goal Tracking

  • 2-5 Store Profiles*
  • 15 Alert Rules, 10 Alert Policies, Unlimited Alerts
  • 15 User Accounts
  • Unlimited Analytics Access
  • Updated Hourly
  • Monthly Revenue Goal Tracking
  • Account Dashboard Rollup

  • 6+ Store Profiles
  • Unlimited Alert Rules, Alert Policies and Alerts
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Analytics Access
  • Updated Every 15 Minutes
  • Advanced Goal Tracking
  • Account Dashboard Rollup
  • Phone Support & SLA
  • Custom KPIs and Analytics


Some of the more common things customers ask us.

A Store Profile consists of one or more stores or store views with the same base currency aggregated together. In most instances you can think of it as a single store. In Magento, some businesses have different channels in different store views. Order Monitor gives you the flexibility to either group these together for monitoring and alerting purposes or separate them out. The Free and Lite plans only allow for 1 store profile. Pro starts with up to 2 profiles and can be upgraded to support up to 5 profiles at $50/month/profile. All other thresholds increase accordingly. Enterprise supports an unlimited number of store profiles.

Each plan gives you the ability to look back within a certain time frame of your data. For the Free Plan, you are able to look back 30 days, while in the Pro Plan you have no limitations. The data is always retained, so if you upgrade from Free to Pro you will unlock the data captured from day one.

An alert policy defines what happens when an alert is triggered. It is a set of emails or webhooks that the alert is pushed out to.

An alert rule is a setup of custom rules that determine when an alert should be triggered. An alert rule can have one or more policies attached to it.

An alert is the actual details of the alert that is triggered based on the rule and sent to the policy.

Each store has its own dashboard. With the Pro account you can have multiple stores. In the Account Dashboard, all your stores will be visible in one screen and the total number of orders are summarized for you.

Yes. We take security and customer data very seriously. Because of that, we don’t actually store any customer data. Order Monitor only captures aggregate order data. This information is never shared, sold or otherwise publicized.


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